How we began​

 As a young boy I new that I wanted to create womens clothing ... I would get a rush when I touched fabric as I still do to this day . After coming home from attendiong the Fashion Institute of Technology my dad knew that I would find it hard to work for anyone ... so he gave me some cash and told me to be enterprising ... soon my clothing was in retail stores in New York Baltimore and Philidelphia later ending up in Nordstrom .I have not lost my love for the art of creating clothing and my journey has only begun  



I am an artist first . My clothing is  my art the one way that I speak without being interrupted my minimalist designs are created from geometric shapes cut specifically to enhance the female figure . My design aesthetic simple ,clean and detailed all at the same time . I believe that more can be achieved with less and that it is never what the garment is , but how much can the garment do for the wearer . MISSION STATEMENT : http://www.fashionindustrynetwork.com/photo/photo-5-4


Our Clothes

Our clothes come in a wide variety of fabrics , colors and sizes , however it is always my mission to stay artistic and as ecofriendly  as possible.I do not believe that animals should have to die so that we can look good, although that was true in the past society has evolved and come to the point where we can do ANYTHING and when it comes to perseving the world around us we should always put that first ... after all as long as there are creative minds there will be ways to look good. You can also purchase keepsake items like Ipad Covers , tshirts,hats, postcards and more by visiting : http://www.zazzle.com/carlous_palmer_design_tie-151834318662120933

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Come Visit​

You can visit various stores in order to see my work . If the listed store is unavailable and /or has not currently carried CARLOUS PALMER BRAND  ask when they are getting a new shipment or how you can access CARLOUS PALMER BRAND CLOTHING .

Critique Boutique

Fleet Street

National Harbor

Coutoure Hair/Boutique

Charles Street  2100 block

Katwalk Boutique

1709 Aliceana Avenue




​241 N Ocean Blvd

Deerfield Beach FL



27 West 8th Avenue


The Bead

824 Kenilwoth Ave

Towson MD


TWALK BOUTIQUE 1709 Aliceanna Avenue Baltimore MD. 410-660-0600


KATWALK BOUTIQUE 1709 Aliceanna Avenue Baltimore MD. 410-660-0600

(tween 5th Ave & Mac Dougal St)
New York, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
(212) 505-9725


We make fashion. You wear it.